2015 is a year to watch out mostly in nigeria, its election year come the month of February, the year of suprises springing up here and there certainly there will be an election but the effect  is uncertain that is why we have to turn to God almighty for direction and deliverance. Nineveh was a country  God described as being wicked and rebellious, as such he sent Jonah to go that country and warn them of an impending danger that will befall them if they refuse to repent and mend their wicked ways but God changed His mind from destroying  Nineveh when the people repented and turned to God. We need to cry out to God and amend our ways, corruption has risen so high and the people are suffering. This is the right time to seek Gods face for repentance and call Him to enthron only the God fearing people on the throne of this nation from the state level to the federal level.

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