The life of a man is like a journey heading to some where to manifest.  It is not really a destination which has been progarammed  rather it is a movement not planned yet you most make  a move towards  an unpredictable end.
No man can proudly boast of what direction his life is actually heading to because no one knows tomorrow no matter how long we may spend  on earth,  you still find your self on the move in every facet.
The journey of life is filled with so much hopes and expecptations though it is on a time tagged principle which the book of ecclesiastes clearly explained in  chapter (3)  thus, \”there is time for every thing under the sun\” God has set the right time for everything,  He has given us a desire to know the future but never gives us the satisfaction of fully undrstanding what He does meaning even though you may set out for a journey you may not predict the exact turn out of event at the end of the journey.
\”No man can authentically boast about the direction that his life is heading to.  We go about life  on a daily basis routine  not knowing what awaits us.
Life really can be a long journey with many ups and downs. … but if the one you love supports you and holds your hand while  walking with you on these curvy roads, then this journey of life will become even more beautiful and interesting\”:-)NEENA GUPTA
\”Man born of a woman is of  a few days and full of trouble\” 🙂 (job 14:1) But  man dies and is laid low he breathes his last and is no more, as water disappears from the sea or a river bed becomes parched land dry so man lies down and does not rise till the heavens are no more…:-) Job14:10-12) .
All life is a journey not a home, it is a road not the country and those transient enjoyment which you have in life lawful in their way,  those incidental and evanescent pleasures which may slip are not home they are little inns only upon the roadside of life where you are refreshed for a moment that you may take again the prigrim-starting and journey on,  seeking what is still before you, the rest remaineth for the people of God.
No matter the comfort and the fun  we are having now,  when the time comes for man\’s journey to end it becomes compulsory that man\’s soul embarks on a permanent  \’sleep\’ where he goes to return no more only to be woken up in the day of judgment,  According to 2corithians 5:10. It stiplulates that \”for we must all appear before the judgment seat of christ, that each one may receive what is due to him for the things done while in the body whether good or bad.
This world is not a home, we are all passing by. It is likened to be a market place where people transacts with whatever business that brought  them then left
\”Now listen to me,  you that say today or tomorrow we will travel to a certain city, where we will stay a year and go into business and make a lot of money,  you don\’t even know what your life tomorrow will be! You are like a puff of smoke, which appears for a moment and then disappears\”:- (james 4:13-14).
life is also like a bus stop. People coming down to the bus-stop from their various homes to wait for a vehicle to convey them to their destinations.
One day, l took my car to an auto mechanics for a repair,  but for an urgent and important  appointment l decided to walk down the road to the bus stop to board a bus going to where l was going,  While l was at the bus stop,  l observed that people of different worths of life were there and not actually heading to the same direction rather waiting to board vehicles going to a place they want to be. The same bus stop different vehicle  for different places and the moment your own bus comes you board it;  pay the bus fare and when you get to the place of your last bus stop for you to get off the bus and continue with your journey. In the book of psalms 39 :5-6:-) \” How short you have made my life!  In your sight my lifetime seems nothing. Indeed every living man is no more than a puff of wind,  no more than a shadow. All he does is but for nothing ; he gathers wealth, but doesn\’t know who will get it\” .
Life is like  a flower ; 1peter 1:24 puts it this way :- \” For all men like a grass and all their glory is like the flowers of the field, the grass withers and the flower fall. We blossom like a flower and then wither like a passing shadow, we quickly disappears\” .
Ecclesiastes 1 :4 ;Says generation comes generation goes but the earth remains for ever.
The pleasure of this world is like a beautiful film show that would end in a flash.  The book of ecclesiastes simply says \”Then  shall the dust return to God who gave it ; Vanity upon vanity saith the preacher all is vanity. All that mankind acquires under the sun for the few days of vanity that God allots to him, he is just labouring for somebody else.
King Solomon himself having enjoyed the pleasures of life later said that he hated life because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to him \”All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind, l hated all the things l had toiled for under the sun because  l must leave them to the one who comes after  me…..\”  (Eccl 2:17-19).
   Every stage in human life comes with its own challenges and trials. Howbeit, the journey of life is not meant to be feared and planned. It is basically meant to be travelled and enjoyed. Now for the conclusion of the  matter ; Fear God and keep His commandment, for this is the whole duty of man for God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing whether it is good or evil. (Eccl 12: 13-14).


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