The struggle to love yourself is vital to your well-being. It\’s high time to give yourself the love you deserve by pamparing self. Infact, if you love yourself,  as much as you would want to be  loved your burdened mind will be lightened because you may not want anything that will be a border to you in other to avoid unnecessary health hazard that is associated with anxeity and fear, by so doing you give yourself more comfort releasing old pattern of thought or action which had hold you back.
You just have to learn to practice a holistic health care, praying and medidating always to have a very good relationship with your maker,  increase the hour and time spent in His word.
I tell you the truth, loving yourself is not borne out of selfishness rather it is a bold affirmation of the value you have for yourlife, it is of a great importance to remind yourself that you deserve the best because if you are not healthy enough you may not function well in the act of trying to help others function effectively.
The benefits of loving your self extraordinarily will give you joy and the word of God says a joyous heart maketh fat. You will be satisfied,  librated and empowered ready to extend and unleash your vast potential to enable others around you enjoy the benefits of your worth.
Jesus Christ admonished us to love our neighbours as ourselves what it means  is if you don\’t love and have value for self, you may find it difficult to show love and appreciate others. Simple analogy you cannot give what you do not have.
Our main purpose here is to look after self including our physical,spuritual and mental well being. At times when l hear somebody say you really know how to look after yourself l smile and take it as a good compliment with grace.
My prayer to people out there, mostly women to realise that  their most important  assignment is to care for the totality of the need of their well-being. When you discover that your need is met in this aspect you begin to help others meet their own need and this will be done from the heart without being obligated or showing of resentment,  anger and self pity.
I know some people may develop doubt or ask how do l do this, simply start from where you are  by reassuring yourself how much \”You Love You \” then take some action steps.
Each of us differ in many diversified ways,  learn to separate your self from the crowd and find yourself alone to meditate, have a workable beauty routine, go for products suitable for your skin colour type and be proud of who you are and the result you want to achieve.
Be firm in the approach of issues, learn to say no  or yes when it must be said without the feeling of guilt or regert. Love yourself as you would love your neighbour.

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