…\”Let Us Hold Firmly \” continuation!

JOSEPH         A child of destiny,  Joseph was one of the sons of jacob who was later called Israel. When joseph was young, at the age of 17years, one day he was keeping and feeding the family\’s live stock with his brothers born by his father\’s concubines Zilpah and Bilhah.
Joseph usally brings report against his borthers any time he joins them for feeding the animals and as such they heated him.
His father loves him more than his other children due to the fact that he was the child of his old age and he made a coat of many colours for him for that reason his brothers hates him and speak harshly against him to disparage him.
One night, joseph dreamth a dream in his dream, he was binding sheaves in the feild with his brothers and behold his sheaf arose and stood upright while his brothers sheaves stood around his sheaf to pay obeisance to his sheaf, after narrating such to his brothers, they were curious and they said to him
\” Shalt thou indeed reign over us? Or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us?\” And they hated him yet the more for his dreams and for his words. (Gen 37:8)
He dreamth yet another dream where the sun, the moon and eleven stars were bowing down before him and his father rebuked him and he asked if indeed his father, mother and his other brothers will bow down to him, and his brothers envied him the more while his father keeped the saying in his mind (Gen37:10-11
This cold war and despirited attitudes continued amongst brothers until one day his father asked Joseph to go down to Shechem with some refreshments and found out the welbeing of his brothers who were feeding their flocks and encourage them, in obedient to his father he went but on getting to shechem his brothers weren\’t there and a man saw him alone in the wilderness searching for the where about of his brothers and directed him to go to Dothan.
On approching the place his brothers sighted him and chorused  \”Behold this dreamer cometh\”  They ploted to kill him and cast him to a pit and claim that some evil beast must have devoured him and they mocked him saying we shall see what will become of his dreams but Reuben his elder brother intervened and convience his brothers thus \” Shed no blood, but cast him into this pit that is in the wilderness and lay no hand upon him…\”
On getting to his brothers,  he was rough handled, torned his  coat of many colours and was cast into the dried pit while they settled to eat the food he brought to them, while there, the arrival of the Ishemeelites merchants,  the brothers conspired to sell him so as not to stain their hands with their brothers blood and they agreed to sell him for twenty pieces of silver. (Read Genesis 37.)
That was the begining of Joseph\’s journey of destiny to the land of unknown.
Now the lshemeelites who bought joseph had taken him to Egypt and sold him to Potiphar, the captain of the guard of the palace of the Egyptian king.
The Lord was with Joseph while in potiphar\’s house, he was highly favoured and his master was pleased with his success and made him to be incharged of his household. Joseph was well built and of good looking, his master\’s wife began to lust after him and began to taunt him to lure him to bed to have amoral affairs with joseph but he resisted her.
One day, his master travelled and handed over to joseph all that were in that house except the wife which he kept away from joseph. The wife thought it would be a better opportunity to excute all her lascivious tricks by asking joseph to go to her bed room to carry out some chores in other to trap him.
Joseph went into the room only for  her to quickly grab joseph and forcefully tried to seduced him into haven sex with her but he forced himself out of her grip and ran away leaving in her hand a piece of cloth in her hand which she tendered to the husband as evidence of wanting to commit rape on her.
Joseph was inprisoned by his master. In the prison, joseph put up a very good characther and because the Lord was with him, he was successful in everything he does. While in prison., he became a motivator, he no longer dream his own dreams he became an interpreter of other inmates dreams.
On one occassion two of the inmates had dreams and were worried,  he counseled them and interpreted their dreams to them accordingly and cheered them up. According to the interpretations of each one\’s dream it was done unto them as was revealed to him on their release from the prison.
Some years passed, joseph was still in the prison untill one day the king had a disturbing dream which non of his magicians or his astrologers could interpret that was when the cup bearer who was restored back to his position of serving the king wine rembered joseph and recommended him to the king who sent for him from the prison and he was told of the king\’s dream and he interpreted the dream to the king acurately.
Howbeit, Joseph was made a governor over Egypt to over see to the welfare and administration of the people of the entire land of Egypt.
There was famine all over the nations and there was enough food in Egypt and when it was told Jacob that there was food in Egypt, he sent his sons to go there and buy some food for the entire family, on getting there,  their brother Joseph was fully incharged as the governor of the land,  he saw his brothers  and recognised them but they could not recognised joseph because his life has turned around for good and they respectfully bowed to accord him some respect due for a man of his status. Joseph acted harshly to his brothers to psych them, he then remembered his dream of many years back
Joseph said to his brothers \” you are spies, you have come to find out where our country is weak\” but they said \” No our lord, we are honest men ;we have come as your slaves to buy food, we are all brothers, we are not spies. ( Genesis 42:9-10 )
The famine became so severe that there were repeated visit by his brothers that, he had to made himself known to his brothers in one of their visit haven treated them harshly after alleging his missing cup was stolen by one of them which made him retained his own younger brother Benjamin and revealed himself to  them and later sent his brothers back to his father to tell his father thus \” This is what your son Joseph says,  God have made me lord of all Egypt. Come down to me; don\’t delay….\”
Joseph sent high powered delegates in convoy to go back to canaan and get his father and the entire family member to come join him in Egypt and they went brought all of them to Egypt where they all stayed and accorded Joseph the respect and honour due for a great king of his status.
Joseph did not slak in his faith to God,  he held unto his dreams strongly until God brought him to the position of His promise.
This is the confident we have that,  when we asked according to His will, He is well able to accomplish that which He said about us.
The few men mentioned, were able to hold onto the promises of God even when what was envisaged seems  un-achievable, they still beleived God  who had promised. Do not waver in your faith always remember that He who begins a good thing in your life is more than able to accomplish it.
                                           Remain blessed and focus even as you trust Him to direct your feet!                     

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