. Invest in natural resources

There are many natural resources that God has placed in your care; take your time to study your environment and see what could be gotten from it. Technology has been helpful in many ways as it will also help you package these resources and make them attractive to people around.

Before you can go on with this investment, you have to note the needs of the people around you. This will help you know the viability and marketability of the goods you want to sell.

. By lending you support emotionally

People should see the trials and challenges they face as God’s divine ways of preparing them for greater heights.

When your mentality about life changes, you are bound to go into deep reflections that will help you focus on the problem and not the people that are prosperous. There is no need for you to sly your neighbour or friend because he is richer.

There will always be somebody that can help you get through your trial period. If you are constantly filled with resentments towards the government and the administration running, you may not be able to see the next opportunity even if it was in your face.

. Inspiring you with great ideas

Being unemployed is frustrating; you are constantly filled with thoughts of settling bills and not being embarrassed by your uneducated house owners.

You can make a list of the services needed by people around you and find a way of making yourself useful in those areas.

Remember that humility will help you gain the favour of people around. Many people believe in humble beginnings. A positive mindset will change your life and make you think out of the box.

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