Yes, the title says it all. I\’ll like to share with you the best investment you can ever make in your whole life.

No. This is NOT one of those things where you need to deposit an amount of money to some sketchy company that promises returns. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. However, I can promise you, this investment will make you happy, and bring you closer to your dreams.

I want you to invest in YOU!

We set aside money for neccessities like food and rent, for luxuries like new clothes and gadgets, for many things. But how often, and at what percentage do you set aside every month to improve yourself?

Take away all your belongings, and all you have left is your knowledge and experiences. These are aspects of you that can never be taken away from you. The books you\’ve read, the places you\’ve travelled to, the new skills you\’ve picked up randomly. Invest in yourself, and increase your value as a person.

Use that extra cash to sign yourself up for classes that you\’ve always wanted to take, or that online programme you\’ve always wanted to try. Get yourself more in tune with your dreams. If it means starting a business, save up, go ahead and start. The moment you are willing to spend money to bring yourself forward, is the moment other people (be it in the form of customers, investers, employers) will want to spend money on you.

Ultimately, investing in yourself and your passions will be the best thing that you\’ve ever done. And the best part – You\’ll enjoy every penny spent.

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