New Year Greetings

Thank God we made it through to 2017,despite the difficulties or hurdles of 2016, despite the hardship occasioned by recession,inflection,despite killings,bombings and other health challenges yet 2016 now is of the past in our lives.

Yeah, there are predictions,dreams and prophecies from both the genuine men of God and  fake men of God, in all God in His loving kindness and infite mercies qualified us to be among the living in the land of the living in 2017. This year I suppose if you want God\’s mercies and favours to be made available to you, you must have to seek Him in all sincerity. For as many as seek him and those who are ready to humble themselves before his mercy seat will find Him.  \” seek ye the Lord while He may be found call ye upon him while he is near\”(Isaiah 55:6 

This year no matter what anybody may claim or prophecy about the economy, for you to overcome most of the hardship occassioned by recession or depression as  people are beginning to predict depression in 2017 you must lay a proper foundation which is in God\’s word and build in it as a daily habit 

Those who seek him found him so it is a personal thing  don\’t get yourself bordered about whatever predictions that are on air littered all over social media. Stop living a careless life or living an idle life and hoping that manna may fall from heaven Live a life of accountabilty and be responsible for your actions or inactions stop blaming anybody because when God created man He said to man \”Be fruitful and multiple and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the earth\” (Genesis 1:28)  

 You are the architect of your own creation whatever you call forth is what will be.There are two ways to life the spiritual and the physical wellbeing of life and these two life style must be properly natured for it to bear good fruits. Stop running helter scelter  seeking for help even where it does not exist looking for miracles, Thus says the Lord These signs and wonders shall follow them that believes…..Trust God and begin small for   there is a blessing for humble beginning, don\’t get discouraged \”For precept upon precept, line upon line, a little here a little there\” You  will see how much you can accomplish within a short  period. 

 In every beginning of the year people set goals or rather makes some new resolutions but before the year gets to its second quarter they have gone back to old habit not keeping to their new resolution. I was once guilty of that, l had tried severally to make new year resolution and will not run with it before the end of first quarter until l began to follow a pattern which l had earlier established  which is studying the bible and getting myself attuned with the word of God.

This process has to be on going and being courageous enough to improve on your mistakes  and patiently build on the foundation you have laid by so doing your personal relationship with God may have improved that will guide you in handling other life\’s  issues including your career and business. You must be diligent and persever in whatever you are doing. Stick with the word and trust God for He will order your steps alright. I wish you God\’s own divine provisions and protections all through 2017 and beyond.

              Happy New Year!!!.

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