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Tips: Body Scrub_ Royalty Treatment.

Do you like pampering your body or you would like to give yourself a luxurious body treat, then this special Body Scrub is good for you just to spoil yourself a little during the weekend. I called this type of Body pampering a ROYALTY TREATMENT because it contains some exotic botanical ingredients that are high in Emollients and Antioxidants. This is mostly used by the royalty or a bride to be, to plum her skin for at least 30 days before the D-day and she will walk down the aisle glowing.

It is usually done in a SPA to massage the entire body. Before having this massaging scrub , it is advisable to have a steam bath as a way of moistening your body. You can also do it at home but you need somebody to help you reach those areas you can not touch.

However, steam your body while at home before you massage with the royal treatment on your body then you can lie down or sit upright for one hour allowing every thin to dry completely before washing off.

INGREDIENTS:- Coconut oil , sweet Almond Oil, Sesame oil, Brown Sugar, Brown/white Rice, Turmeric Powder, Cocoa Powder, Nutmeg , honey And vitamin c

Nutmeg has numerous health benefits to the body when used as spice in our foods. Apart from that nutmeg also works wonders to the skin as a scrub. It contains Antimicrobial and Anti inflammatory properties that help to unclog pores and remove black heads then keeps the body supple.

Cocoa powder is very good to the skin and help to fight against fine-lines and wrinkles it reduces the appearance of scars. It helps to reduce the bad effect of sun burns.


This preparation is better done with a blender, blend all the oil 3 tablespoons each together to get a fluffy consistence. Then pour the mixture into a mixing bowl, add 1 cup of brown or white sugar into the mixture, add 1\\2 cup of ground brown rice , 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 5 drops of vitamin C. Mix thoroughly well and pour into an air tight jar and put in a fridge because you may have to apply it for more than 6 consecutive weekends.


Apply all over your body and massage, rest with it for 1 hour, you can read to while away time or do anything of interest to ward off boredom, you can sleep if you wish because it worths it. When taking your shower do not use shower gel or soap so that the oil will gradually lock into your skin.

If you it please drop a comment or you can ask question if necessary. Thanks for enjoying my DIY SKINCARE.


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