Every platform is based on an altar. It depends on the principles and the kind of activities prevalent in the making of such platform or altar. Knowingly or unknowingly whatever altar that\’s in operation in whatever you belief that altar shall speak and manifest according to the principles and the functions carried out in such altar

Altars are places of worship and sacrifices. The altar is the place where God would meet with the sinner and accept his sacrifices and atonement is made. Altars are found through out the scripture, way back in time of Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham and Isaac and Jacob It was institutionalized into the law of Moses. Geneses 8:20 \”Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and there he sacrificed as burnt offerings the animals and birds that had been approved for that purpose.

As a growing Child, I saw my grand parents always approached the Altar of our local church, Saint Silas Church Umuopara Umuezeala Owerre Ehime Mbano,Local Government Area, Imo state regularly given offering of prayers, worships and thanks giving According to history, my grand father with two other men planted the first Anglican Church in a land he purchased with his own money and donated to be the the site and he financed and supervised the first Anglican Church building in the early 1932.

After the Nigeria and Biafra civil war according to my parents I was about 3-4 years then when my parent relocated from where they resided in Port Harcourt , Rivers State due to the divastating effect of the war back to the village my home town Umuopara Umuezeala Owerre. Where we started our early days in school, I literally may not remember much due to my very tender age anyway but one of the things I cannot forget either was my grant parents devotion to God Almighty.

Some of the preachings I started hearing in churches as a grown up, I heard when I was a small child from my grand father very early in life. At times when we went to church for weekdays Bible studies after the general services, my grand Father will separate himself from others and went to the altar and knelt down it was only his lips that will be moved as an inqusitive child I might quietly went close and knelt besides him to hear what he normally says, I will only hear as if he was groaning which doesn\’t really make sense to me until I\’m matured enough to know the things of the Lord on my own as I diligently seek the Lord.

I have the feeling that my grand parents are people favoured by God in his life time when I consider how much he prospered lived a life of giving and impacted so much on his people as a result our house then was always with people wanting to see him for one thing or the other. Honestly my grand father died peacefully singing while laid down after bedtime prayers. On that fateful night, I was shocked to saw his face glowing more while still laying death on his bed in August 1995 at the age of 96 years. I will boldly tell people that my grand father is in heaven now sitted at the right hand with Jesus Christ.

I am not an ordained priest though I attended Bible Basic college to enbroden my knowledge on Christianity even though I studied Christian Religion as a subject in my secondary school days then. I am not surprised at the level of my growth in Christendom. I have preached and written several sermons in Honour to the call of \”Go ye into the World and Preach the Word\”.

I have grown up to pay detail attention to Altars because I also watched my parents get affiliated to the altar. One day my mother asked me for certain amount of money, I asked mom what do you want to do with this money since it wasn\’t long I gave you money. She said she made a vow with God to decorate and keep the altar of the church as long as she lives and still strong to go to church. My mom is 87 years now. That very day I began to think that there must be something special about the Altar.

Anytime I feel worried, confused, and in need of God\’s intervention in anything that bothers me, I run to the alter God bearing me witness I will always have dramatic turn around with testimonies accomplished like Hannah did in 1samuel 1:10-18. Then again these are the things I saw both my grand parents and my parents practiced and they were able to overcome in times of their problem.

Altar existed all through time memorial and those altars speaks based on what it is set out to speak. What kind of activities goes on there or what kind of things one perform on the Altar which he relayed on. There are the Altars of the Living God and there are occultic Altars, which of them appeal to you and that\’s the one that will form your activities. For me the Altar of JEHOVAH GOD Has Always been my SOLID ROCK in which I stand.

Altars are the place of appeasing God by offering sacrifices. What kind of sacrifices that goes on there depends on the activities carried on, Does your sacrifices bring sweet smelling savour and accepted by God like the sacrifice of Abel in Genesee 4:3-8.

Through out history men erected altar and made sacrifices and worship to the Most High God. It becomes a place where sacrificing of offerings for different reasons like Sin Offering, Trespass Offerings, Thanksgiving Offerings, Seed Offerings and other Religious offerings are made and these offerings are acceptable to God and are encouraged to be carried on accordingly. Leviticus 17:1-9.

There are pagan or occultic Altars which is dispicable gods of the ancient world in the Bible time. One of such hideous of these god was called Molech the god of Ammonites and the Israelites were warned by God not to worship or bow before such gods. The most common features in this altar was the sacrifices of Children. It is known and commonly used for the sacrifices of human blood which must pass through the fire. 2Chronicles 33:4-6. This was such a repugnant practices that God specifically considered heinous practice and as such the Israelites were warned not to join the Ammonites in the worship of their gods. Leviticus 18: 26.

In proverbs 6:16-19, king Solomon enumerated 6 things which the Lord hates amongst them is hands that sheds innocent blood. A whole lot of activities goes on in an altar but be careful on whose side you belong because whatever altar that speaks for you depends on what you\’re sowing and whatever you sow is what you shall reap. \”Don\’t be misled, you cannot mock the justice of God . You will always harvest what you plant . Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from the sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit Will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit\”. (Galatians 6:7-8).

\”Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass\”. (Psalm 37:5).

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