Women in nation building

The role of women in a nation  building can not be underestimated nor over emphasized. According to a yoruba adage \”lya ni wura\” Mother ls Gold# Women are jewels of inestimable values. Prince Neco Mgbaga\’s song of 1976 (Sweet Mother) remains evergreen and everfresh anytime it plays, this was borne out of the roles mothers play in the society. What can we say about the nursery rhyme…..# My Mother who sat and washed my infant hair when sleeping on my cradle bed…….when pain and sickness made me cry….My Mother.
Ugo nneoma Nkechi Okorocha is the bliblical virteous woman which the bible testifies  that  #She sets about her work vigorously,her arms are strong for her tasks.  She  is a woman of substance, a great woman of God who has touched women generally mostly the widows in diverse measures. She has raise the dais of first  lady\’s office not like her predecessors who just gather women for clappin,singing  and dancing only when she has occassions to attend but Nneoma Rochas Okoccfrocha has taught Women how to remain focus and be resourceful. She has restored lots of confidence and integrity in the women folks,women are no more seen but are heard when it matters most. She is like a rudder in a vessel that steers and directs the vessel,she has surpasses any other first lady in lmo state.
She is a builder and  has added values to lmo women..lmo women this is a pay back time for a woman who has invested  so much on the women to come out en- masse to support her by voting massively all Apc candidates.Women should shun avarice,  backbiting and distancing yourselves  from any woman who is power drunk who has no respect for a constituated authority and does not mean well for  our land. Nneoma Women are home builders……# lmo Women are  bridge builders….#Apc women are dignified women…..#Apc is a party that promotes massive  development,unity of the lgbos,industrilization,women and youth empowerment,medical infrastructures and free education at all levels.
Vote owelle Rochas Okorocha for continuity and industrialization# Vote Apc for better lmo#  All lmo women please  come  out enmasse on 28th march and 11th april  with your broom to sweep out corrupion, Nepotism, Retrogression, all the over abused and torn umbrella, and the old layers from lmo state
Vote for progress and meritocracy,,,Vote for change,,,# Vote APC…#

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