As you continue spending time in God\’s presence and focusing on the glory of God that is in Christ, a glorious transformation is taking place in your life. You are being changed from glory to glory by the Spirit of God, 2Cor.3:18. God is taking you somewhere. God is watching over His word and He is perfecting it in your life. Sometimes, it may seem like nothing is happening, but don\’t give up. As you are waiting on God, you are renewing your strength like the eagle Isa.40:31. Something is happening in you and it will manifest on the outside. 2Peter 1:19 says, as we pay attention to God\’s word like a light shining in a dark place, the day will dawn and the daystar will arise in our hearts. There will be a change both in and on the outside of us.

Don\’t give up and don\’t be in a haste to come out of the process that God is taking you through. Keep your head up and keep trusting God. After the pit, Potiphar\’s house and the prison, there is a palace awaiting you. You shall fulfil purpose. Like Moses and Joseph, you will be a deliverer, a solution provider and a source of encouragement and strength to many. You shall be a blessing indeed. You will not hate, revenge or retaliate against anyone. You will love and bless them that Smite you like Christ did. In the same place you may have failed or you were rejected, you will go back and succeed and be celebrated. In the same way Joseph recognized his brothers, but they did not recognize him (Gen.42:8), I declare that the same people who despised, rejected and didn\’t believe in you, will not recognize you when God is through with you. All these will happen suddenly because our God is a happening God, He said He watches over His word to perfect it. May you see the manifestation of His promises in your life and may it wow your critics in Jesus name amen. Cheers!


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