.Colossians 3:17

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

As you go about your daily activities with sincerity, love and patience, the Lord will raise men like angels to render help for you to achieve your daily set goals.

May you experience open heaven and flood of blessings in all areas of your endeavours; your enterprise will not suffer depression, the proceeds of your selfless efforts will not be stolen by fraudsters, neither will your benefits be hijacked by impostors. You will build houses and dwell in them, you will plant vineyards and eat their fruits, you will not labour in vain and your days shall be long in the land of the living. (Isa. 65:22,23). As we are approaching the end of the month of october may you count your blessings with joy for the Lord\’s doing in yourlife and your family shall be numerious.

And May God Almighty usher us to another new month of November with countless joy preparing us for another bountiful harvest of His goodness. The months ahead shall be eventful loaded with testimonies of His great mercies and joy, we shall never be victims of any bad news rather we shall be making news wherever we go for this is the inheritance of them that love the Lord. May God give you relief for every stress; and uncommon favours for open doors in Jesus name amen

For every troubled moment, May God show up for you in all that concerns you and may His amazing grace upon you know no bound. As the Lord lives we will not end the day in regret and your joy will not be stolen in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

This year has been awesome, the journey so far has been very challenging but for some their yearly targets are almost 80% met while some are already counting their gains and loses; remember that God is a miracle keeping God if you\’re grumbling and asking questions why have I not breaken through and the year is almost rolling over. Nerver mind a thousand years in His sight is like an evening gone.

God Almighty is a covenant keeping God, surely He will meet you favourably before the year runs out for with God all things are possible. Trust God and look up to Him and don\’t let any man talk you out of your inheritance in God, patiently wait for Him. Always develop a heart of thanksgiving and praises unto the Lord in appreciation both for the things He has done and the ones He\’s yet to do all through the month.

May you be highly blessed and enjoy God\’s protections and guidiance for the rest of the year amen. Cheers! ✍️Blessing I N Onugha

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