Deuteronomy 32:11. (NIV).

\”Like an eagle stirs up it\’s nest and hovers over it\’s young that spread it\’s wings to catch them and carries them on it\’s pinions\”

Eagles are very unique birds that are known for it\’s higher altitude characteristics, It flies higher than any other birds. It has courage and looks ahead , eagles are fearless and very tenacious when in motion and vitality with vision not stoppable despite the adverse wind, it pass through the storm higher above the reach of other birds.The eagle has a spiritual connotation and very symbolic of purity and highly regarded as possessing an honest principles of good leadership characteristics.

In Isaiah 40 :30 the bible mentioned of a man who waits upon the Lord shall renew his strength and shall mount up the wings like an eagle and he shall run and not get weary and walk without fainting

Eagles separate it\’s self from the other birds hardly can they mix up with other birds because they enjoy flying to a higher altitude. An eagle will never like to surrender to it\’s prey despite the size of the prey, rather it gives it\’s prey a very good fight and carry it to a very high altitude to regain authority over it\’s prey.

Thank God for His mercies and His loving kindness all through the year 2019. As the clock of year 2019 is ticking and we are rounding up with thanks to Almighty God for all His faithfulness in our lives, I presume you still will count your blessings and name them one by one and you will see that you have good reasons to say a resounding thank you LORD for you are not better than those who started the year but could not make it to the end or better still those who made it through but are not fortunate to enjoy the kind of liberty with fullness of joy as you\’re enjoying. For God\’s goodness and grace are made abundant unto you. Praise the LORD! Allelujah!!!.

Yeah, the topic is actually an Eagle On High or being a soaring eagle; meaning when a man or a woman knows whose he or she is, you will see that, that man or woman is soaring above the storm no matter what may come on her way as a challenge.

Stop seeing yourself like a disadvantage person, rise up daily and assure yourself whose you are like an eagle full of vision and tenacious in pursuing it\’s vision with all vitality not minding the weather, it resolves to push on though storm. may you be strong willed to overcome in case of difficulties.

You just have to be focused and remain on the Lord side.\”…. Them that wait on the Lord shall be like mount zion that can not be moved…..\” Start taking decision on how to take your proper place in Christ and live a truthful life being honest in your daily dealings and learn to be purposeful in your pursuit and learn to pray through not waiting until you are challenge before you go to God in prayer .

By God\’s grace I believe we shall make it to 2020 which I already declare as the year of Great Recovering And God\’s Repositioning To Higher Level Of Advancement In life. Wishing you God\’s visitation at all season in Jesus name 🙏 Happy Reading and Remain Blessed. ✍️ Blessing I N Onugha

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