Psalm 132 :13-16. NIV.

13. For the Lord has chosen Zion, he has desired it for his dwelling, saying,. 14 “This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it. 15. I will bless her with abundant provisions; her poor I will satisfy with food. 16. I will clothe her priests with salvation, and her faithful people will ever sing for joy.

Trusting in God’s abundant provision and His Timing, you will see His hand Work, providing in ways you never thought possible.

In the heart of every believer lies a deep well of trust , knowing that our God is a provider beyond measure. Psalm 132 :15 is a reminder to us that He will abundantly bless our provisions and satisfy our needy with food . When we encounter times of scarcity, and when needs seem to outweigh our resources, we can stand firm knowing that our Heavenly Father is both aware and willing to meet those needs in good measures.

God’s provision extends beyond material wealths. He provides the strength to overcome trials , the wisdom to navigate through challenges and the grace to forgive our offenders and move forward. In moments of uncertainty we can draw strength from the wellspring of His unfailing love, knowing that He who clothes the lilies and feeds the birds of the air will surely care for His beloved Children.

Throughout scriptures you will always see God’s faithfulness in action. He provided manna in the wilderness for His chosen ones, water was brought out from the rock , and guidance through their sojourn in the desert. He miraculously multiplied loaves of bread and fish to feed the hungry crowds. These accounts serves as a testament to His unchanging character. Just as He provided for His people of old, He also will provide for your needs today.

Always approach God each day of your life with a heart filled with gratitude and expectations, for you serve a God who is not limited by circumstances. As you trust in His promise of abundant provision you will be free from the burdens of worry and anxiety. Your heavenly Father delights in meeting all your needs and desires to bless you abundantly. Stand firm in the assurance that He is faithful and His provision is abundant.

His provision for us is abundant. He provides more than we need, much more than we deserve even when We do not merit the abundant provisions of God, But His grace has abundantly made His provision sufficient for us . Remain under His Cover And Be Blessed. SHALOM!! Blessing Onugha ❤️

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