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Age spot is regarded as Liver Spots which is very common on skin due to long exposure to the hazard of the harsh weather condition as well as when when is aging.

It manifests itself in form of a tan either a brown or dark spot on the skin mostly those areas that are often exposed to the sun rays such as the Face, back of your hands, the upper shoulders and the arms.

Age Spots does not appear on the skin spontaneously, it under go process. It start appearing and building gradually until it appears as small as a light tan mostly at the sensitive part of your skin like the eye area. Then start spreading to other areas. Of the skin, it could be reddish in colour or brownish to a darker spots which we commonly refer as pigmentation due to an excess production of melanin on the skin because of excessive exposure to the sun.

Good news, I am glad to let you know that there are Homemade remedies to clear this annoying dark spots and get rid of them without any adverse effects on your skin.

DIY is a process that works real good and not too expensive to have, Yet it must be patiently followed.

The good thing about DIY is, it will help you to be the master of your own skin because it is your duty to nurture and nourish your skin with the right and appropriate skincare that is most adaptable and suitable to your skin type.

Yes! It may take you a whole lot of experimentation to discover what is best to your skin type and of course time and money consumption before you get it right and choice of what to apply if you are not guided.

If you continue to read through my articles on skincare and follow the roles and guidelines; it has help to make it easier and simpler for you . Our home Remedies are the use of common things used in the kitchen and easy to get ingredients that are very effective and correctional to age-spots.

Obviously, the sun or the harsh weather conditions imposes a treat to the skin, sine the weather is always with us, you owe yourself the duty to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and other weather hazard that may affect your skin adversely if you may want to enjoy a flawless skin regimen.

There are various skincare routines to maintain an ageless and a flawless .

In this series i will be discussing more on ages-pots and anti aging HomeMade Remedies and face mask for mature skins.

Today I will start up with one of my favorite anti aging face mask that doubles as age spot treatment and an anti aging nourishing skin polish for 50 years and above. Take my words this mask is very encouraging because the smooth effects and clear appearance your skin will experience.


Ingredients:_ Sandalwood powder. Rice powder, Coffee seed powder, vitamin E oil, Vitamin c powder and Rose water.

PREPARATION:_ put 1 tablespoon of rice powder in a mixing bowl, pour 2 1/2 tablespoon of boiled hot water to form a paste with the rice flour then allow it to cool down before you add other ingredients. Put 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder in the rice paste, add 1/2 teaspoon of coffee powder , add 1/4 of vitamin C powder, and 1 teaspoon of roes water into the entire mixture and stir them vigorously well to get a very smooth consistence, if it is lumpy add another 1/2 teaspoon of rose water to soften it .

Sandalwood rice face mask

DIRECTION:_ Little is much in this rich mask, get a little quantity, apply all over your face and neck within 20 minutes you start feeling a lifting sensation on your face. Allow another 10 minutes to dry completely before you wash off with warm water or cold water, its amazing . Then apply any of your anti aging cream or moisturizer. Note- before you go under the sun make sure you are wearing your sunblock cream. Already your skin should be very sensitive to the sun and will attract sensitivity of the UV RAYS of the sun to cause skin damage. BEWARE!!

My face after washing off the mask

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